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[Pre-order] Gold Beige
 Code 20190120060704
 Selling Price 55.00
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 Manufacturer Mirror Lake
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 Last Update 2019-03-26 (15:39:16)
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Hi~ Migidoll! 


We will sell "Praise the sun"
series of Mirror Lake by "Exclusive domestic import"  

that is agreed with their production company already.

The best 5 colors of Mirror Lake's beautiful eyeballs will be
available for pre-order on January 21st through February 25th.
The new colors will continue to be added after a certain period of
time after the first order.
We are going to introduce you to various colors of unique &
delicate eyeballs of mirror lake.




Products : Total 5 types of Mirror Lake's "Praise the sun"


Color: Cherry Red (Migidoll’s own limited special color), Gold
Beige, Berry Sapphire, Burgundy Blue, Blue Grape


(total 5 colors)

Size: 14mm / 16mm / 18mm


Sale time: Jan. 21 (2 PM) ~ Feb. 25 (6 PM) --- in Korean local time


Features: Migidoll’s hologram genuine sticker is attached.


Model : Style65 Jina




Product configuration
- Eye. / Eye case.

- Eye size: 14mm / 16mm / 18mm

Product information
- The eye material is a 100% UV resin that is resistant to yellow dust.
- The solid lines of iris are depicted in detail in the form of each structure, and the structure features a unique floating pupil structure. Therefore, it provides a deeper and more mysterious.
However, the pupil is different from other companies, so it looks slightly smaller than the average eyes when it is 18mm.
- Due to the nature of a handmade product, it may not be the same as the picture, and this is not subject to exchange or refund.

Precautions for Purchase
- This is a pre-order product. You cannot cancel the purchase after checking the deposit. Please purchase carefully.
- Eye color may vary depending on the monitor environment.

Delivery period 
 - It takes about 7 to 8 weeks to ship after deposit.
 - Sometimes due to a schedule of operations, it may be delivered sooner or later. Please understand this.
All goods are delivered via EMS courier for safe and fast delivery.







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